The History of 

The Church of Christ in Rialto, CA.

It all began on April 25, 1954.

There were only 31 souls present in the American Legion Hall of Rialto for the first service.  The congregations of Pomona, Upland, Santa Ana, and San Fernando all had a part in starting the Lord’s work here in Rialto, both from a supportive and financial aspect.

The first preacher was Charles Swan who served from 1954-1956.  During this time, the congregation grew to 66 members.  The next evangelist, Alvin T. Hamilton, a graduate from Abilene Christian College, was instrumental in working with the Church here, and members soon realized the need for a building of their own. 

Construction began, and the Church of Christ in Rialto met in their new building for the first time on December 19, 1956.  The address was then, 237 W. Merrill Ave. and later changed by the city of Rialto, to 245 W. Merrill Ave. as the building expanded.  Originally, the auditorium was in the section we now use as a fellowship hall.  It provided three classrooms and seating for 90 during worship.  As the membership grew, so did the church building.  In 1970, a larger auditorium with a baptistry was added, along with a nursery and another entrance to the building.

Many fine men have served as ministers and elders over the years and the congregation supported a children’s home in Ontario and Mexico as well as missionaries in Italy, Ethiopia, and Mexico, to name a few.

In order, the ministers who have served here at Rialto are:

Charles Swan 1954-1956

Alvin Hamilton 1956-1961

Don Posey 1961-1963

Don Vannoy & Charles Drapier (interchange) 1964-1964

Jeff Ellis 1964-1967

P.H. Andrews 1967-1970

Ernest Hicks 1970-1971

Luther Holland 1972-1986

Tom Steed 1986-2003

Lewis Frisby 2003-2009

Ralph Baker (English) 2009-Present

Vicente Hernandez Juarez (Spanish) 2015-Present